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The decade following independence in 1947 was witness to a surge of innovative ideas to build a fledgling independent nation into a model democratic state committed to growth with equity. The establishment of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) was the outcome of one such innovative initiative.

Led by space scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and an eminent industrialist and philanthropist Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, and proactively supported by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Dr. Jivraj Mehta, a group of enlightened individuals set up IIMA in 1961. This group ably wove together a coalition of five actors - the governments at the centre and the state, local industrialists, the Ford Foundation and the Harvard Business School, to establish the foundations of the Institute.

IIMA was set up as an institution that would be managed by a Society, the IIMA Society, created under the Societies Act. The Institute was to be run by a Board of Governors, constituted by the IIMA Society; the Board would have representation from all the relevant constituencies so as to reflect the multifarious needs of a developing nation. IIMA was therefore conceived as a Board-managed institution, free from the exclusive control of any one constituency. Thus, operational freedom is an integral part of the DNA of IIMA.

IIMA has been consistently ranked as the premier management school in the country by several national agencies. IIMA programmes are also ranked highly in several international rankings. In 2008, IIMA became the first management school in the country to be awarded EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) accreditation by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).


The two-year full-time Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP), rated as the toughest MBA programme in the world to get admission, is the flagship programme of IIMA. Its main objective is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers, capable of working in any sector of organized activity, proceeding leadership and achieving excellence in performance while contributing to the welfare of the larger society. The programme specifically attempts to:

  • Equip students with the required conceptual and interpersonal skills and sense of social purpose for managerial decision-making,
  • Develop leadership capabilities to act as change agents and be a source of motivation in the organizations they work in,
  • Nurture the desire to excel in performance without compromising integrity, honesty and fairness.


IIMA is known for the depth and rigour of the programme. The curriculum, reviewed and revised periodically, remain relevant and contemporary.


The PGP curriculum is the result of constant innovation and continuous review by the faculty with help from practitioners in industry, alumni and students. The programme offers four types of courses spread across two years viz. foundational, tools and techniques oriented, functional and perspective-building courses.  It also provides opportunities for project courses and courses of independent study during the second year.

The compulsory/ core courses focus on rigorous grounding in the rudiments of every discipline in management and the development of a common foundation of business knowledge and management theory. The core courses consist of 480 sessions (Approx.) encompassing 24 credits (Approx.).

After the first year of programme, students undertake summer training with Institute's corporate partners for a period of eight to nine weeks. The Summer Internship is a powerful source of practical managerial insights, validation of management concepts, and valuable market knowledge.

The elective courses which are offered in the second year of the programme allow students to choose a bouquet of courses that interest them and develop proficiency in the areas of their choice. The elective courses consists of in-class courses (often with project components) offered by different areas, courses of independent study, exchange programmes, and intensive field courses, totalling 19 – 22 credits  (380-440 sessions) over three Terms. Each of the Terms consists of 09 to 12 weeks' duration. Each credit requires a minimum of eighty hours of work.

Types of Courses


Regular Course: This helps a student to learn tools, techniques, skills and concepts primarily through class discussions.


Seminar Course: This provides a specified number of class sessions and time for research to explore the frontiers of knowledge.


Projects: These are designed to suit individual student needs. There are four categories of projects. (1) An Independent Project, (2) Project Course, (3) Course of Independent Study, and (4) Comprehensive Project.

  1. An Independent Project provides an opportunity to apply the tools, techniques, skills and concepts, which a student may have already learnt, to the study of actual problems through field studies, computer based analysis and library research. 
  2. Students can do independent projects (IP) (Non Credit) for up to one per set of two slots. These can be undertaken only with the prior permission of the instructor(s) concerned. The project proposals, duly approved by the guide(s) should be submitted to the PGP Office before the start of slot IX and XI. The IPs would not be taken into account towards meeting the credit requirements in second year and their grades would not be accounted in GPA calculation.  
  3. The Course of Independent Study (CIS) (2 credits) allows exploration of a topic in the student's "area" of interest. It makes possible the integration of several fields of study in searching for the solution to a single problem. It provides valuable experience in the research process such as definition of the problem, search for relevant data, analysis of the data and drawing conclusions. Thus CIS allows for individual initiative, judgment and resourcefulness well beyond what is possible in the regular curriculum.  
  4. The Comprehensive Project (CP) provides an opportunity to learn in a real world context. This provides a vehicle for integration of learning across functions and disciplines. The project must be organization-based, not based entirely on secondary data or library work. It must be multifunctional and multidisciplinary in nature. 


Courses Offered

Compulsory Courses in the First Year (Tentative)


Term 1



Course Acronym

Course Title




Financial Reporting and Analysis




Financial Markets




Human Resource Management-I




Individual Dynamics




Legal Aspects of Business




Managerial Computing












Operations Management-I




Quantitative Methods-1a




Quantitative Methods-1b




Written Analysis and Communication



OB Area



Term 2



Course Acronym

Course Title




Costing and Control Systems




Financial Markets




Human Resource Management II




Interpersonal Group Processes




Transforming Business through Information Technology




Macroeconomics and Policy




Marketing II




Operations Management II




Personal and Corporate Ethics




Quantitative Methods-2




The Social and Cultural Environment of Business




Workshop on Interviews and Presentations


Term 3



Course Acronym

Course Title




Business, Environment and Society




Business Research Methods




Corporate Finance




Government Systems and Policy Process




Internet Enabled Businesses




Managerial Analysis and Communication




Marketing III




Organizational Dynamics




Strategic Management


Flexicore Courses (FC)




Manufacturing Operations Management


Service Operations Management




Managing Work Place Dynamics and Employee Collectives


Talent and Competency Management



Courses Offered in the Second Year (Tentative)

List of Electives Courses in Second year (Area Wise)


1          Business and Intellectual Property

2          Business Government and Law

3          Business Taxation

4          Competence, Capability and Corporate Strategy

5          Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning

6          Foundations of Strategy Consulting

7          International Business Dispute Resolution

8          Leadership, Vision, Meaning and Reality

9          Managing Diversified Organizations

10        Multinational Company Strategies and International Expansion Choices

11        Strategic Alliances and Valuation of Intellectual Assets

12        Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation

13        Strategy in Emerging Markets

14        Strategy Capstone (Core Course)

            Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship

15        New Technology Application, Design and Business Models

16        Experiencing Live Action of Business

            Centre for Management in Agriculture

17        Shodh Yatra-Off Campus

18        CINE: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Entrepreneurship


19        Communicating Corporate Reputation

20        Communication Skills for Team & Leadership Effectiveness

21        Difficult Communication

22        Intercultural Communication Competence

23        Managerial Communication

24        Media and Society: Economics, Politics, Ethics and Technologies for Mass Communication

25        Organizational Communication

26        Persuasive Communication

27        Strategic Communication in the Digital Era

28        Strategic Negotiation Skills-A


29        Economic Development Policy and Growth

30        Economics Of Food Quality

31        Economics of Happiness

32        Economics of Organization

33        Economics of Strategy

34        Game Theory and Applications

35        Hitchhiker's Guide to Business and Economies Across Five Centuries

36        Indian Economy and Society Today

37        Issues in International Finance for Managers

38        Labour Markets in Developing Countries

39        Managerial Econometrics

40        Massive Change: Economics and Finance

41        Monetary Theory and Policy

42        World Economy: Business, Government, and Policy

            Finance and Accounting

43        Financial Modelling

44        Alternative Investments and Hedge Funds

45        Asset Backed Securitization

46        Behavioural Finance

47        Bitcoin and the Blockchain

48        Financial Statement Analysis

49        Financing of Firms

50        Fixed Income Securities

51        Fraud Risk Assessment and Governance Mechanism

52        Futures, Options and Risk Management

53        Management of Financial Institutions

54        Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring

55        Microfinance Management

56        Modern Investment & Portfolio Management

57        Principles of Transfer Pricing

58        Quantitative & Algorithmic Trading

59        Strategic Perspectives in Banking

60        Structured Products

61        Trading Strategies

62        Valuation of Firms

            Human Resource Management

63        Business & Society

64        Business Turnaround and Organizational Transformation

65        Games People Play: Psychology of HRM

66        Human Resource Management in Service Sector

67        Personal Competencies for International HRM

68        Strategic Choice, Ethics and Morality: Lessons from Bhagavad Gita

            Information Systems

69        Management of Software Project Enterprises

70        Big Data Analytics

71        Consulting in E-Governance: From Vision to Implementation

72        Data Mining and Business Intelligence

73        Data Visualization for Decision Making

74        Digital Inclusion for Development

75        Strategies for Internet Economy


76        Business to Business Marketing

77        Advertising and Sales Promotion Management

78        Consumer Behaviour

79        Customer Based Business Strategies

80        Innovation, Live

81        Managing Customer Value Delivery

82        Managing Digital Business

83        Managing Luxury Business

84        Managing Omni Retail

85        Market Research and Information Systems

86        Marketing Management in the World of High Tech. and Innovation

87        Marketing of Healthcare Products & Services

88        Mobile Marketing Essentials

89        Neuroscience and Consumer Behaviour

90        New Products Creation & Development

91        Pricing

92        Semiotics: Strategies for Media and Brand Communication

93        Strategic Marketing

94        Strategic Models in Marketing

            Organizational Behaviour

95        Managing Complex Dynamics in Organizations

96        Co-creating Organizational Change

97        Contemporary Indian Workplaces: Decent Work and Diversity

98        Explorations in Roles and Identity (Off Campus)

99        Gender Lens on Corporate Policies

100      High Performing Teams: A Journey

101      The Creative Self at Work

            Production and Quantitative Methods

102      Advanced Methods of Data Analysis

103      Bayesian Methods for Data Analysis

104      Business Analytics

105      Coordinating the Crowd

106      Elephants and Cheetahs: Systems, Strategy and Bottlenecks

107      Forecasting Techniques for a Practitioner

108      Managerial Applications of OR (Project Course)

109      Operations Strategy

110      Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing

111      Statistical Methods in Data Analysis

112      Supply Chain Thinking: Value Creation and Adaptation

113      The Art and Crafts of Decision Making

114      Why Projects Fail? Uncertainty, Complexity and Risk in Projects

            PGP (Others)

115      Bionics

116      Philosophical Foundation of Management

117      Doing Business in India (Only for Exchange)

118      Introduction to India: Culture and Society (Only for Exchange)

119      Contemporary Film Industry: A Business Perspective

            Public Systems Group

120      Business, Environment and Sustainability

121      Aviation Business Strategies

122      Carbon Finance

123      Good Governance & People Living in Poverty

124      Infrastructure Development & Financing

125      Innovations in Managing Urban Transport

126      Intelligent Transportation Systems

127      Investigating Corporate Social Irresponsibility

128      Managing Energy Business

129      Managing Telecom Enterprises

130      Manipulation, Myth-Making and Marketing

131      Participatory Theatre for Development

132      Power and Politics in Organization

133      Public Policy

134      Qualitative Research Methods for Understanding Business and Human Development in a Network Society

135      Rail Transport Planning and Management

136      Social Entrepreneurship: Innovating Social Change

137      Strategic Transformation and Change in the Indian Economy

138      Transformational Social Movements

139      Urban Economy and Business Environment

            Ravi J. Matthai Centre for Education Innovation

140      Gamification, Technology and Learning Motivation

141      Enterprise and Innovation in Education

Student Exchange:

Each year the Institute selects around a quarter of the second year students to spend one academic term at premier management institutes around the world with which the Institute has forged partnerships. Similarly, students from the corresponding institutions spend an academic term at IIMA. IIMA has been able to increase the number of participating institutions from about 4 to 80. 

PGP students are provided with a number of opportunities at the Institute for developing a holistic vision. One such opportunity is through the Institute's Student Exchange Programme. The strong and self-sustaining exchange programme has been designed to help the Institute serve its purpose better and enhance academic standards. Student Exchange Programmes have been established with leading schools in Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. 
An international exchange programme facilitates flow of ideas between academic institutions. Joint activities provide each school with better understanding of the methods and programmes of the partnering school and enhance knowledge and skills of students and faculty members alike. Students participating in the programme seek to broaden their academic and cultural experiences. The experience contributes immensely to building of management perspective and poise. Visiting students add to the diversity of Knowledge and Culture at the Institute, and enhance the effectiveness of its pedagogy.
IIMA has been seeking to establish an increasing number of exchange programmes with institutions with excellent academic standards which provide varied learning opportunities to exchange students. 
Each year the Institute selects eligible second year students to spend one academic term at premier management institutes around the world with which the Institute has forged partnerships. Similarly, students from the corresponding institutions spend an academic term at IIMA. IIMA has been able to increase the number of participating institutions up to 80. The number of outgoing students benefiting from the programme in each academic year ranges between 150-200 (including 10-15 DD students), and the number of incoming students ranges between 90-120 (including 10-15 DD students). The enthusiasm shown by institutions across the world has been tremendous and speaks volumes for the quality of programmes offered at the Institute.
The exchange programme has academic partners across continents and corporate partners across the globe that have made it possible for students to participate in these programmes without any financial impediments. Apart from the scholarships instituted by IIMA, several students have received scholarships from participating schools, the French embassy, DAAD from Germany and some corporate partners. 


IIM Ahmedabad has double-degree programme agreement with about six International schools such as ESSEC Business School France, HEC, France, University of Bocconi, Italy, European Business School, Germany, University of Cologne, Germany and ESCP Europe, France.  A double-degree program would be an added value to study abroad by integrating students within the respective programmes. In this sense, it goes beyond a regular exchange programme and would be an enriching experience for both institutions. The double-degree programme has sense in coherence with a deep immersion in the academic and business environment of the host institution.

IIMA, a Member of PIM

PIM, Partnership in International Management, is a consortium of leading international business schools, founded in 1973. Each member institution represents the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business administration and management, demonstrates leadership in their geographic region and delivers an MBA or a graduate-equivalent degree in management. PIM facilitates the development of international cooperation among members, fostering the development of joint programme, students and faculty exchange, joint research and cooperation among faculty members and researchers.
Currently, PIM has grown to a network of 62 business schools worldwide. Over the years, several thousand students have gone on exchange within the PIM member institutions.
As a member, IIMA shares the reputation for upholding the highest degree of academic excellence both regionally as well as globally and values the organization's spirit of international cooperation among its students, faculty and administrators.
As a member, IIMA shares the reputation for upholding the highest degree of academic excellence both regionally as well as globally and values the organization's spirit of international cooperation among its students, faculty and administrators.


The candidate must hold a bachelor's degree, with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA (in case of the candidate belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC)/Scheduled Tribe (ST)/Persons with Disabilities (PwD) category, this is relaxed to 45%), of any of the universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a university under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.  The bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification obtained by the candidate must entail a minimum of three years of education after completing higher secondary schooling (10+2) or equivalent. The percentage obtained by the candidate in the bachelor's degree would be based on the practice followed by the institution/university from where the candidate has obtained the degree. In case of the candidate being awarded grades/CGPA instead of marks, the equivalence would be based on the equivalence certified by the institution/university from where they have obtained the bachelor's degree. In case the institution/university does not have any scheme for converting the CGPA into equivalent marks, the equivalence would be established by IIMA by dividing the obtained CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the resultant by 100.

A candidate appearing for the final year bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification examination and those who have completed the degree requirements and are awaiting results can also apply. Such a candidate must produce a certificate from the principal/head of the department/registrar/director of the institution/university certifying that the candidate is currently in the final year/is awaiting final results and has obtained at least 50% marks or equivalent (45% in case of the candidate belonging to SC/ST/PwD category) based on latest available grades/marks. Such a candidate, if selected, will be allowed to join the programme provisionally only if they submit a certificate latest by June 30, 2020 from the principal/head of the department/registrar/director of the institution/university (issued on or before June 30, 2020) stating that they have completed all the requirements (the result may, however, be awaited) for obtaining the bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification on the date of issue of the certificate. Their admission will be confirmed only when the candidate submits the mark-sheet and a certificate of having passed the bachelor's degree/equivalent qualification referred to in the certificate issued by the principal/head of the department/registrar/director of the institution/university with at least 50% marks (45% in case of the candidate belonging to SC/ST/PwD category). It is mandatory for a final year student, who is provisionally admitted, to submit the mark-sheet and degree certificate of the final year bachelor's degree examination held on or before June 30, 2020 (including supplementaries, if any), to be eligible for admission to the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) batch 2020-22.  The deadline for submission of the mark-sheet and the certificate is December 31, 2020. Non-fulfillment of this condition will automatically result in the cancellation of the provisional admission. IIMA would not allow any candidate to join its PGP in case the candidate is unable to complete all the requirements for a bachelor's degree on or before June 30, 2020.

IIMA would also not offer admission to any candidate after June 30, 2020.


IIM-A aspires to give the opportunity to pursue its programmes (PGP & PGP-FABM) to all eligible applicants, who are in need of financial assistance. Keeping this in mind, IIMA has instituted a Special Need-Based Scholarship Scheme to complement the various scholarships provided by the industry and government. Every year many students are provided substantial financial support under the Scheme. The scholarship amount is decided on the basis of several criteria such as annual gross family income, ownership of assets, and the number of dependants in the family. The application for these scholarships is invited every year in the month of July. Many commercial banks and financial institutions provide educational loans to students. For details, candidates may contact branch offices of such banks.

Summer Placements

Summer Internship is an important and integral part of the Post-Graduate Programme (PGP), where students intern with their chosen organization for 8-10 weeks after their first year. The internship programme helps students gain first-hand experience in a particular industry by providing them with ample opportunities to innovate, and challenge ideas and techniques imbibed in the first year. It also helps them in being more receptive to market needs, and in deciding their area of specialization in the second year.

The summer internship also has an academic component: student interns prepare a report on the summer assignment and present it to the organization. They are also required to share their learning with the Institute before they register for the second year. The requirement of making a formal presentation about the project to the company and to the Institute ensures that sufficient rigour and discipline are brought in to this exercise.

The Institute has enjoyed extensive corporate support for summer interns with the result that summer projects have been diverse, challenging, and intense learning experiences. Increasingly, a number of international companies have seen the value of this exercise and have collaborated with the Institute. Also, each company gets a chance to evaluate the interns over a long period in a real business situation and make pre-placement offers based on this evaluation. A number of companies have used these internships as a key source for full-time hires.


Final Placements

Final placements happen during the last term of the graduating year. A formidable array of the best companies in India and the world visit the campus year after year searching for the best talent. Having reached key positions in top corporates worldwide, the Institute's alumni help build a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations that choose to recruit students from our campus. Over the years, the market for the Institute's graduates has remained bullish, as freshly placed recruits continue to deliver on their promises. At the same time, the average work experience has been going up with every batch which was reflected in the choice of diverse profiles that IIMA students opted for during the Final Placements last year.

IIMA has decided to move away from a day-based system to a cohort-based system. The new system is designed with the stated objective of providing a better student-recruiter fit. The process, along with many other changes in the design, allows recruiters to evaluate students over a longer duration while giving them more time to delve into the various career options.


Lateral Placements

Lateral placements happen over an extended period in the final term for students having substantial work experience with firms offering higher than entry-level positions.


Encouraging Entrepreneurship

IIMA also encourages its students to take up Entrepreneurship as a career. This is reflected in the kind of electives offered in the second year as well as the help provided to budding entrepreneurs. There is an in-house incubation centre that hosts several startups. Currently, students are allowed two year entre leave to try out their ventures. Should it run into rough weather, they can come back and participate in the Institute placements through the "Placement Holiday" program. 

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